Fresh vegetable boxes need homes


I wrote a while ago about our weekly box of locally grown produce from Ooooby. I’m excited about the initiative as it’s a great way to support local and organic farmers and eat delicious fresh seasonal foods.

Ooooby emailed last week to say that they’re now accepting new customers! As it’s a new initiative, they’re only packing a limited number of boxes each week, so get in quick if you’re interested. As I noted in my last post, Ooooby hasn’t necessarily committed to keeping the boxes vegan (they say that boxes might sometimes contain eggs, though they haven’t yet), so bear that in mind if you’re thinking of signing up.

2 thoughts on “Fresh vegetable boxes need homes

  1. They’ve actually made the boxes a little fuller this year – the photos in this and the last post should give you some idea of how full the boxes were last year.

    It feeds our household of two nicely (though we’ll sometimes buy extra fruit & veg if something looks good at the farmer’s market or if we’re using a particular recipe). If you cook a lot for yourself & are prepared to be inspired by your box to try new things, I reckon one vegan could eat a whole box in a week.

    If you’re thinking of it but not sure, you can sign up for just one week’s trial box…

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