Two kinds of sorbet

kohu road sorbets

Kohu Road’s sorbet was the highlight of last year’s Auckland Vegetarian Food & Lifestyle Festival for me – it’s a beautifully crafted range of food that just happens to be vegan (and say so on the packaging), without trying to resemble an animal product.

I’m extra-spoiled right now to have two tubs in my freezer. The chocolate competes with Giapo’s in my affection – it’s maybe a little sweeter and smoother than the Giapo version, and uses fine French chocolate rather than raw cocoa. Both are lovely in their own ways.

The mango sorbet is a real treat. It’s a simple recipe of four ingredients, and tastes much like eating a perfectly ripe frozen mango: fresh, sour and gently sweet. I think it might be my favourite mango-flavoured thing I’ve ever eaten.

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