Cheese and crackers from Little Bird

little bird organics

I’ve been enamoured of Little Bird‘s raw passionfruit and macadamia macaroons for a while now, so it was a lovely surprise to see them at La Cigale market last weekend.

Even lovelier was the discovery that they are producing a few new products just for the markets: a range of cookies, chocolate truffles, and most excitingly of all, raw vegan nut-based cheeses.

raw vegan nut cheeses

Based on cashew and macadamia nuts, these cheeses are cultured with a probiotic to produce a savoury, soft cheese-like food. I remember reading about raw nut cheeses in LA a while ago – it’s so exciting to see someone producing them commercially in Auckland.


raw crackers

Little Bird have also recently launched a new product to shops: raw gluten-free crackers in mexican sundried tomato or flax and almond flavours. These are available in shops or through their website.


truffles and macaroons

The Little Bird market table had two kinds of raw chocolate truffles for sale, and three sorts of cookies. Free samples of everything were plentiful and delicious. I bought a passionfruit and mango macaroon to enjoy with my market coffee, and some cashew cheese and sundried tomato crackers for later.


cheese and crackers

I don’t miss eating animal cheese at all, and haven’t found a soy cheese I can get excited about, but I really like Little Bird’s cashew cheese. The crackers were a great match too, really fresh-tasting with a bit of spice. I’m excited to try more, and to see how this product range develops.

Little Bird’s stall at La Cigale French Market is a regular thing, every Saturday and Sunday morning at 69 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell.

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