Vegan friendly Vinyl

vegan friendly

A couple of weekends ago, Alice mentioned that her Saturday had included both macadamia cheese at La Cigale and a vegan banana split at Vinyl coffee shop, and my interest was piqued. Vegan banana splits? We went the next day for brunch.


iced coffee smoothies

Vinyl is run by an omnivore who has vegan friends, and it shows – it’s one of the vegan-friendliest places I’ve been lately. As well as banana splits, vegan options on the American diner influenced menu included tofu scramble, homemade baked beans, a breakfast stack, a tamari tofu burger, roast vegetable penne pasta and iced coffee smoothies (now available in vegan!) The waitress serving us was vegan, and she also recommended a dark chocolate and berry slice in the cabinet.


breakfast burrito

What I had for brunch was a vegan breakfast burrito, stuffed with tofu scramble, rocket, roasted capsicum, spicy beans, guacamole & fresh tomato salsa. I’ve devoured and enjoyed breakfast burritos in California (strongly recommended: Sun Rise Restaurant in the Mission, San Francisco), and I’m excited that they can be found in Auckland. Burritos are only available on weekends, and are the perfect size for a Sunday brunch.


vegan banana split

And of course, for brunch dessert I had to try a banana split. It was a real treat – classic, creamy and improbably vegan. The toppings were homemade vegan cream based on coconut cream, chocolate and vanilla soy icecream, Hershey’s chocolate sauce, passionfruit sauce & maraschino cherries.


banana split

Vinyl opened in September last year, and can be found at 218 Dominion Rd in Mount Eden, a couple of doors away from Burgerfuel.

4 thoughts on “Vegan friendly Vinyl

  1. This blog is great! I’ve just recently transitioned from being a vegetarian to vegan and the heads up on which restaurants serve vegan friendly food is a huge help. Thanks!

  2. I went to Vinyl today for brunch just because of this post. Vegan version of the vege vinyl breakfast. FABULOUS. Thanks.

  3. Aww, thanks both of you! Anna – good luck with being vegan, feel free to ask if you have any questions or are wondering where in Auckland to find a vegan version of something. Gemma – it always makes me happy to hear that people ate somewhere because I wrote about it – glad to have introduced you to Vinyl!

  4. Cheers for great variety of places, especially where non-menu vegan items have been offered or provisioned. Makes me look forward to coming home for another holiday

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