Reader question: where to buy vegan cheese?

cheese and crackers

Hilary asked:

Hey, I stumbled across your blog and was wondering if you knew of any stores in Auckland city that sold Vegan cheese? I’m not Vegan but I am lactose intolerant and finding food to accommodate me has always been hard.

Here are my suggestions, with the caveat that I’m not an expert in the field of vegan cheeses, as I don’t miss dairy cheese and haven’t felt the need to replace it. If you have a favourite vegan cheese product, let me know in the comments.

1. The SAFE shop in St Kevin’s Arcade, K Road, should be your first stop. Their all-vegan stock includes non-dairy versions of all kinds of cheeses: a couple of brands of cheddar alternatives (Sheese and Cheezly), blue Cheezly, To-Fetta, Parmezano sprinkle and two kinds of cream cheese (Tofutti and Creamy Sheese).

2. I’ve heard great reviews of Cheezly, which you can find in Cheddar, Mozzarella and Blue flavours in a few places around Auckland. Angel Food is the New Zealand importer for this product as well as Parmazano. You can buy online directly from Angel Food, and the website also lists stockists in Auckland and around the country, including some of my favourite natural food shops: the Gluten-Free Grocer, Harvest Wholefoods, Huckleberry Farms and Wise Cicada.

3. Finally, you should check out Little Bird‘s raw nut-based cheeses. Earlier this year, I wrote about their macadamia and cashew based cheeses sold at their weekly stall at La Cigale french markets. Since I wrote that post, Little Bird has announced that their stall at La Cigale won’t be weekly. Watch their Facebook page or get in touch with them to find out where you can get their cheese.

7 thoughts on “Reader question: where to buy vegan cheese?

  1. I can attest to Cheezly, the best one is Mozzarella – really good on pizza. The SAFE store also has a cheese sauce powder by Leahey Gardens. One packet lasts for ages and it’s really yummy in mac n cheese and lasagne. Yum.

  2. East West Organics in Glen Eden sell ‘Kingland’ cream cheese which is vegan and quite nice, a lot better than ‘sheese’ !

  3. Another goodie is ‘Chinese cheese’ – fermented tofu, which you can get in little jars at Asian supermarkets. It’s very pungent and salty, like a cross between feta and a strong blue. Yum!

  4. i hope you have all found freedom bread ,buns and wraps they are sooooo good.i just wish we could get all this good food in taranaki

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