Wood-fired pizza at Cassette Nine

endless bunting

Another quick recommendation for you: order the Vegana pizza at Cassette Nine.

I’d only known Cassette Nine as a bar, music venue and hangout space for events like Book Club For Drunks. It wasn’t until one of those daily deal websites listed a pizza-&-wine discount that I realised they’re also a restaurant during the day and early evening, serving wood-fired pizzas and other Italian food.

Not every pizza place in this town caters to vegans particularly well, so it was a nice surprise to see a real vegan option on the menu. The Vegana is topped with roasted carrots, fresh spinach, a parmesan-like chickpea pesto, cherry tomatoes & sesame seeds.

vegana pizza

My pizza was delicious and well-made, with a simple but interesting combination of flavours. My only complaint is that it took forever to arrive – more than an hour after we placed the order. We’d booked towards the end of the “restaurant” part of the evening, and arrived as a full house of diners was already waiting for their pizza to cook. As we were finishing dinner, a DJ appeared and the crowd had largely moved in the direction of the bar. My tactic for next time would definitely be to plan for an earlier dinner and book as early in the evening as possible.

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