Frozen treats for cold days

deux chilli chocolate

You remember summer’s new best friend, Nice Blocks? They’re back with the winter edition. Today’s appearance at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair included new flavours like banana coconut, deux chilli chocolate and pear rhubarb.

Like their other chocolate flavours, the chilli chocolate is coconut-milk based, rich and not too sweet, with just a hint of spice. The pear rhubarb was possibly the nicest of the blocks I’ve tried – a lovely seasonal treat that reminded me of warmer puddings.

Rumour has it they’re working on packaging for multi-boxes of blocks, which should be available to buy from the SAFE shop and other outlets pretty soon.


2 thoughts on “Frozen treats for cold days

  1. hello there, they do not sell these at the SAFE store, i looked for them last week?

    do you know anywhere else you can find them?

    thanking you

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