Brown rice porridge at Queenie’s

brown rice porridge

I wrote about Queenie’s Lunchroom a while ago – I’d visited for brunch, loved the coffee, and found it unexpectedly vegan-friendly, though there was nothing specifically vegan on the menu. I’ve been back a couple of times since.

This morning, we visited and noticed that the menu had changed. I asked about brown rice porridge with tahini and apple compote, and was told that it was made with soymilk (though I didn’t quite catch whether it’s vegan by default or whether they were modifying it specially for me – best to check before ordering).

Porridgey in appearance, its taste is more like a savoury rice pudding. The tahini adds complexity to the flavour and tones down the sweetness, while the apple compote is deliciously sour. It’s a perfect winter breakfast, and I look forward to having it again.

3 thoughts on “Brown rice porridge at Queenie’s

  1. Awesome. I would eat porridge three times a day if it were socially acceptable. The tahini with apple sounds like such a nice combo, I never would have thought of it.

  2. I have to admit I have gone through stages (as a student in Scotland) where I did eat porridge three times a day. At least. Just wanted to say I absolutely love this blog. It gives me hope as a new vegan (18 yrs vegetarian) being able to eat out in Auckland particularly after a brunch I had today with some meat eating friends, which involved me having a soy flat white and nothing else!

  3. Thanks Gemma! Sorry to hear about your bad brunch experience. The number of good vegan brunch options in Auckland is growing all the time, but a lot of places don’t have much to offer.

    When the menu fails, my stand-by breakfast thing to try asking for is a bagel with avocado – a lot of places can offer it, some just need convincing that I ONLY want avocado, not cream cheese. One café I went to in Rotorua earlier this year gave me a bagel with avocado, without the butter, cream cheese or pesto, but with BACON. Hmmm.

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