Cocoa and cookies

hot chocolate and oreos

A winter’s evening recommendation: Tío Pablo soy Mexican hot chocolate and homemade oreos from The Little Grocer.

Tío Pablo is an Auckland-based company that makes and imports real Mexican food – corn husks for tamales, masa, chipotle chiles, & all kinds of other things. Their products are stocked at supermarkets, natural foods & specialty shops across Auckland, or you can order online directly. Tío Pablo’s Chocolate Azteca is delicious; “a Oaxacan blend of dark cocoa, cinnamon and chili spice, producing a smooth drink with a mild note of black pepper”.

I’ve written about The Little Grocer before – they’re my favourite little neighbourhood deli in Auckland, with a good selection of vegan treats and excellent coffee. Last time I visited, I treated myself to a whole bag of their homemade oreos. They were a little pricey, but quite lovely.

2 thoughts on “Cocoa and cookies

  1. Thanks so much for the hot choc mention – very appreciated!

    Might want to check out my other range, called
    Gluten free pikelet, muffin and cookie mixes. Most products are dairy free (the dark choc chips have been manufactured where milk products could be present) and vegan baking options possible. 🙂

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