R.A.W. bars

r.a.w. food bar

A while ago, I wrote that Lärabars are no longer being imported into New Zealand, but that a similar local product was being developed.

That product is the R.A.W. bar from Ceres Organic. Produced in New Zealand from imported certified organic ingredients, Real And Wholesome bars come in five flavours so far.

They’re much the same thing as a Lärabar: different combinations of mushed-up fruit and nuts, formed into a block; good for a small snack. I’ve bought a couple from Wise Cicada, and have seen them stocked at a few other places around town.

5 thoughts on “R.A.W. bars

  1. Hey Moira – you don’t know of any good nutritionists who are up with vegan stuff do you? I’d like to go see someone just to get advice on a few bits and pieces, but the nutritionist/naturopath types I’ve seen before aren’t usually very vegan savvy! I googled it and didn’t come up with anything. No worries if not 🙂

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