6 thoughts on “Cupcake geometry

  1. Looks gorgeous and yummy! Auckland should be my next stop in the future! Ive only been to Sydney (you might hate….).

    Added you on my Yummy Bloggers on my blog! Look forward to reading your posts based in Auckland, yay!

    xxx from Vienna

  2. Hola… Saw your blog mentioned in the inaugural issue of Re>>publication and have now read the entire thing (blog, not re>>pub…).
    Post again soon!
    Husband and I have recce’d Vinyl for coffee (weren’t hungry so didn’t eat) and plan a visit to Revel in the near future. You should get a commission!
    Anyway, thanks for a well-written and entertaining blog – and I really like that you go back and edit stuff which has changed since you first wrote.

    (I ride up Mt Eden Road every day to work and have noticed Alphabet City and wondered what it was, so it’s funny how 2+2 comes together!)

    I’ve added you to my Google reader.

    Here is a question for you: have you come across quinoa milk in your travels? (Ben (from Ben and Little B) is very open to cow alternatives and was asking me about it the other day. (I’m a regular at Ben and he knows I’m vegan). He’s tried oat and rice milks and had heard quinoa milk was quite good with coffee but couldn’t find any). I’d never heard of it. I asked at the bulk store in Walters Rd, but they hadn’t seen it either (and are going to keep an eye out).


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