Neighbourhood Indian

three vegan dishes

A couple of blocks up the street from my Alphabet City home, one of the shopfronts had been empty for months. Newspapers covering the windows started to disappear piece by piece, revealing bright pink interior walls and a shiny new commercial kitchen in the back room. One day we saw someone working on an extractor vent, and asked what the business would be. They said, an Indian restaurant.

There are a lot of Indian businesses in Auckland, and a couple in the Eden Terrace area already. So I was interested, but not necessarily excited. But then a couple of weeks ago, the signage went up, announcing to Mount Eden Road that this would be the fourth location of Satya.

I wrote about Satya a while ago – it’s one of my favourite Indian restaurants in Auckland, serving vegan-friendly South Indian food at three other locations: K Road, Arch Hill and Sandringham.


panu puri

We visited the other night after climbing Mount Eden to watch the fireworks. I shared dinner with lovely friends who aren’t vegan, but chose vegan dishes so we could share. Things we ate:

  • Pani Puri – for starters: wheat shells, potato-chickpea filling & tamarind water.
  • Gun Powder – a tasty little bowl of roasted lentils with garlic, spices & chili powder.
  • Green Bean Coconut Curry – dry, spicy bean curry with flaked coconut.
  • Tofu Vegetarian Curry – my usual order: tofu in a tomato-based curry sauce.
  • Eggplant Curry – with potatoes, green peas and ginger. My favourite thing on the table; just perfectly cooked vegetables with some simple spices.

The new Satya is at 57 Mount Eden Road, Eden Terrace.

3 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Indian

  1. I love Satya, I’m desperately hoping they open on the Shore one of these days – will definitely have to try the eggplant curry one of these days.

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