Blogging about blogging

little grocer oreos

I have four things to tell you about this blog:

  1. I’ve signed up for Vegan MoFo again this year. 2011’s Vegan Month of Food is October, so next month, I’ll be blogging as much as possible about local vegan food and aiming for one post each day. Last year I managed 22 posts, made a few new discoveries and felt a renewed enthusiasm for sharing information about local vegan choices. If there’s anything you’ve been hoping I would write about, feel free to send through any tips, questions or suggested topics for next month.
  2. Local food blogger Allison Pirrie-Mawer has established the New Zealand Food Blogger’s Association as a central point of contact and resource for local food bloggers. The group is also on Facebook and Twitter, and is planning a conference just north of Auckland in November. I’ve just joined recently, and would love to see more vegan bloggers represented!
  3. A little while ago, I set up a Facebook page for this blog, where I mention new blog posts and share local events & news. Feel free to ‘like’ it if you want to keep in touch.
  4. Local ‘blogazine’ RE:publication profiled An Auckland Vegan in their most recent issue: “The blog’s findings, photography + opinions make for the ultimate vegan eat out guide”. Thanks! ♥

2 thoughts on “Blogging about blogging

  1. Hello! Visiting because I hope to meet you at the NZFBC ^_^ Alli showed me a list of attendees today and I wanted to say hi – my brother and his girlfriend are vegan and always looking for new ideas, will definitely point them in this direction ^_^

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