Where to go for a fancy date

elliot stables

Okay, it’s a ridiculous pun, but if you’re out on a fancy date & you’re looking to impress your love interest with a plate of fancy dates in a romantic setting, you could do worse than El Faro Spanish tapas bar in Elliot Stables. Tucked away in a cobblestoned alley off Elliot Street in the city, the bar shares courtyard tables with several other restaurants and bars, creating a bustling, intimate space like a Melbourne laneway or something out of Europe.

Erin and I went a while ago for a Friday night date, and shared a jug of sangría & plates of tapas. El Faro’s menu marks which plates are vegetarian, and staff were helpful with working out what was vegan or could be prepared that way. We had:

  • panko-crumbed and fried avocado topped with fresh salsa.
  • patatas bravas.
  • roasted almonds with cumin, salt & pimentón picante.
  • sherry mushrooms sauteed in olive oil and garlic, & flambed with sherry.
  • & fancy dates for dessert. The dates at El Faro are Iranian, and they’re stuffed with walnuts, spritzed with rosewater and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

El Faro’s menu changes often, so these particular plates might not be available if you visit, but the range of choices always includes lots of vegetarian options.


panko avocado patatas bravas

roasted almonds sherry mushrooms

iranian dates hunger is non-negotiable

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