The biggest vegan burritos in town


Today’s lunch was long-anticipated: Jesse Mulligan tipped me off to the vegan sour cream & cheese options at The Original California Burrito Company a few months ago, and I’d been looking forward to trying their burritos since.

The vegan option came highly recommended: Erin said it was good with guacamole, the Vegan Society appreciated it, Amber said it was good, but the size of her head. Auckland Vegan HQ blog took a group of vegans to try out the options, and had a lot of opinions. The new Auckland Burrito Review isn’t vegan, but is a big fan of The California Burrito Company.


tofutti sour cream
We went to Britomart Farmers’ Market today for the first time in a few months, and I found myself in the right part of town, around lunchtime, feeling hungry enough for a burrito the size of someone’s head. I ordered one to take away, and we walked back to the Farmers’ Market and sat in the sun, listening to a busker with an electric violin play a selection of timeless classics including ‘Pokerface’.

The Monterey Mixed Vegetable Burrito is delicious, and really is enormous – writing this nine hours later, I’m still not hungry. It’s filled with mixed vegetables (a real selection, including broccoli & mushrooms), yellow rice, black beans, lettuce, soy cheese, tofu sour cream (Tofutti Sour Supreme), and pico de gallo.

You can also add sides or substitute things – everything on the menu looks fairly customisable, and other vegetarian options can be veganised with a few handy substitutions. Options for modifying your mixed vegetable burrito include:

  • adding guacamole: I ordered this for an extra $2, and they gave me a little plastic pot as they forgot to include it in the burrito itself. It was awkward to eat this way without cutlery, but added to the flavour and I’d probably get this again.
  • hot sauce: If you like spiciness in a burrito, adding hot sauce would improve your experience, as the original isn’t at all spicy.
  • making it a chimichanga: for an extra dollar, your burrito can be flash deepfried. This sounds potentially delicious, and I’m excited to try this another time.


It’s rare and wonderful to see a takeaway place in town offering vegan sour cream and cheese options. Auckland Vegan HQ speculated that this might be difficult to maintain since it’s so expensive, but I’m hoping the amount of vegan support I’ve seen online is an indication that they’re being well supported. The Company’s Facebook page suggests they may be looking at opening more locations around Auckland in the next year – it’ll be interesting to see whether their success prompts other takeaway places to offer more vegan ingredients.

6 thoughts on “The biggest vegan burritos in town

  1. I wonder why it is expensive to make vegan sour cream types of dressing and so on, surely it can be homemade with tofu and derivates? Or do they only buy industrial stuff?

    1. This place uses Tofutti brand sour cream, which is imported from the US & doesn’t come into NZ in very big quantities (the only other place I know of that has Tofutti products is the SAFE shop). So it would be expensive because there’s no economy of scale.

  2. I just wanna thank you for your blog. I love it! I love your posts and have gone to many of the places you’ve reviewed. I sit here eating my vegan burrito because of your post – I live in Ardmore and made a special trip into town to get one. Well I got two as it’s not often I can have more than one thing on the menu. Thanks so much. Don’t stop blogging – we vegans need you! x

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