Chocolate cones and coffee sorbet

movie night icecream

Date night tonight, and in between things on sticks at Tanuki’s Cave and Amélie at the Academy, there was this: pistachio and bacio sorbet from Giapo, in a vegan chocolate cone! A further development from the plain vegan cone, today’s chocolate variety included a solid chunk of chocolate at its base.

After the movie, we stopped in again and Gianpaolo gave me a taste of coffee sorbet (really lovely, I’m looking forward to trying this with cocoa sorbet), grapefruit sorbet (beautifully sour, made with fruit from a customer’s backyard) and a warm piece of poached pear in pinot noir (which was a delicious vegan ingredient in a non-vegan gelato he was making). Giapo is such a treat – there always seems to be something new for vegans to try.

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