Cheesey sauce from Angel Food

roasted cauliflower with cheesey sauce

Local importer and producer of vegan products Angel Food sent me a sample of their newest offering: cheesey sauce.

A packet of powdered sauce makes three cups. It’s very simple to cook – you just add soy milk or another plant milk of your choice, and stir over heat until it thickens. We made half the packet, and had it on roasted cauliflower.

The sauce had a mild, creamy flavour. I’ll be honest: it wasn’t really to my taste. I’m not a vegan who misses cheese as such, and in the savoury creamy sauce category, I’m spoiled by regular homemade mac and cheeze using Vegan Yum Yum’s rich, yeasty recipe. However, if you don’t have someone to cook this for you, or time of your own, Angel Food’s sauce is really easy and quick to produce.

Cheesey Sauce can also be used as a cheesey ingredient in recipes – I’m curious about trying the cheesey polenta recipe with the other half of the packet.

Angel Food Cheesey Sauce is available directly from their website, or from a range of stockists: I saw it at the Gluten Free Grocer the other day.

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