Another kind of green salad

fava bean salad

Sheinkin on Lorne Street serves European-style food in a stark white space that suits the café’s location among art galleries and designer clothing boutiques. It’s one of my favourite places to find coffee in the CBD, but I hadn’t particularly eaten there besides the occasional bagel-with-avocado for breakfast.

I found myself in the neighbourhood around lunchtime a few weeks ago, and noticed that a couple of the salad options on the lunch menu looked vegan, but weren’t labelled as such. After checking that it was vegan, I ordered the Fava Bean Salad. The dish was more like a sharp, interesting variation on hummus than a traditional New Zealand potluck bean salad. The fava beans were pureed with lemon juice and parsley to form a thick leaf-green spread, which was served on red cabbage with orange blossom dressing. With a soy flat white, this made an excellent lunch; I’m excited to explore the menu further and see what else they might make for a vegan.

One thought on “Another kind of green salad

  1. At first glance, I thought it was an alien. But upon second glance, I realized the stupidity of my first impression: it is obviously a yummy vegan alien!

    Happy Mofo =)

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