The vegan stack at Vinyl

vegan stack

I want to talk about brunch at Vinyl again. I’ve written before about their breakfast burritos before: full of tofu, black beans, avocado, tofu, fresh tomato salsa & rocket. They’re a favourite, and they’re now available all week, instead of just on weekends.

But another favourite option is the vegan stack. It’s a generous-sized plate of wonderful things: potato rosti, homemade baked beans, tofu scramble, grilled vine tomatoes, thyme-roasted portabello mushrooms and caramelised onion. It’s a perfect combination of breakfast foods (though a reader suggested it’s even better with the potato rosti swapped for curly fries!)

This might be my new favourite vegan breakfast in Auckland – it’s certainly in my top five. Also good: ginger crunch for breakfast dessert:

ginger crunch!

6 thoughts on “The vegan stack at Vinyl

  1. Oh man, I love ginger crunch! Do you know if they make it regularly? I might have to make a special stop when we’re up for Christmas. I am feeling all blue that the place down here in Chch that made the most delicious ginger crunch is no longer!

  2. Lovely photos. I’m new to Auckland but stayed in Mt Eden for a bit before moving to One Tree Hill. Vinyl Cafe is definitely a highlight of Dominion Road, along with that great video store. Coffee is fantastic too 🙂

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