The bagel with avocado

bagel with avocado

Most of the posts on this blog are about vegan options I’ve found on local menus – its exciting that the range of choices in Auckland seems to be expanding all the time.

But there are still plenty of places in this city that don’t particularly cater to vegans. Though anywhere with a kitchen can usually make something vegan if you’re prepared to ask and explain your needs, there are times when you just want to order something other than a green salad without having to negotiate potential, ‘but where do you get your protein?’ questions & other favourite defensive omnivore topics of conversation.

My standby order for this situation is the bagel with avocado. Most cafés in Auckland have plain bagels, or if not, they’ll usually have some other kind of trend toast, which will almost always be vegan unless it has cheese baked on top. Avocado is also found on most menus, has a long growing season in New Zealand and is widely imported outside those times. Specifying “just avocado” usually works to ensure you don’t get avocado and cream cheese.

The bagel pictured above was breakfast from Go Coffee Go this morning – pressed and toasted to perfection, consumed with an excellent soy flat white.

3 thoughts on “The bagel with avocado

  1. Mmmmm avocado is my one true food love. That picture looks so insanely delicious how can I not crave an avo bagel now?

  2. That looks great. I get so annoyed that there’s a bagel place here that puts honey in all of their bagels & then says that they’re vegan except for the honey!!

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