Weekend brunch at Cosset


I haven’t said a lot about Cosset on this blog, only because lamentably, I haven’t yet spent a lot of time there. Located in Mount Albert, Cosset feels a bit out of the way. But it’s not far from train and bus stops, and a visit for brunch back in July reminded me why I really should make the effort more often (once the rugby’s finished with and the Western Line is back to normal).

Cosset is an almost-vegan café – they offer dairy product options with coffee and cake, but the busy kitchen exclusively makes vegan food, turning out homemade syrups, salads & little savoury things for lunch, a huge range of baking, breakfasts catering for all sizes of appetite at any time of day, as well as made-to-order cakes, cupcakes & catering.

The café is located at 1087 New North Rd in Mount Albert, and is open every day except Tuesday for breakfast, lunch & afternoon tea, and late nights until 10pm Thursday to Saturday.

We visited for a late Sunday brunch after a busy Zinefest the day before, and were so impressed by the range of baked treats that we decided to have a backwards meal, dessert first.


orange you glad
An orange slice that made a sweet “orange you glad” reference on its price label. K shared a corner of this with me & it was amazing: sweet & fruity & coconutty.


coconut and cranberry loaf

Coconut and cranberry loaf: this was mine, and was quite special: a little dry, but perfectly paired with a strong Kokako coffee. If I ordered this again, I’d probably ask for some soy cream on the side, because that’s the sort of thing you can do at Cosset.


dessert breakfast first
E’s lavender cupcake. Perfectly light and cakey and sweet.

After a sweet entrée, we finished with some proper food. K and I ordered beans on toast, and E had mushrooms with vegan aioli.


beans on toast

I’ve been on the lookout for a good plate of breakfast beans following the demise of Revel’s beans on toast. The faux huevos I’ve ordered at Revel and Vinyl’s stack are both solid options, and I’d add Cosset’s beans to that list. A bit more classically Kiwi, Cosset’s beans are homemade in the general style of canned baked beans, but with fresh fennel and a refreshingly light tomato sauce, served with chunky white toast and a curl of margarine, grilled tomatoes, hash browns and slivers of avocado.



I tried a bite of the mushrooms, and liked them too. The serving was generous: a pile of portabellos and button mushrooms on two thick pieces of wholegrain toast, with a little jug of vegan aioli on the side.

It’s exciting to eat somewhere and be able to choose anything from the menu, and any little cupcake or cookie from the counter. If I lived closer to Cosset, it would be my regular local brunch establishment. For now, it’s an occasional and special treat.


A few more reviews of Cosset:
plant life (the same things we ate for breakfast, and some delicious-looking smoothies).
Twilight and Shadow (some smaller lunch options).
Code for Something (happy friends and vintage décor).
Good Magazine (an interview with great photos).

5 thoughts on “Weekend brunch at Cosset

  1. I love Cosset – I had that citrus slice when I was there last weekend and it was spectacular. Hopefully one day they can bring out a recipe book or something.

  2. I’ll have to try Cosset! My partner can’t eat dairy and it’s a struggle to find places where he can get a little something sweet with his coffee. Thanks for the review!

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