Fair Trade banana snack

all good banana chunks

Maybe it seems a bit obvious to point out that bananas are vegan, and they’re not exactly difficult to find in this country. Millions are imported into New Zealand each year, mostly from the Philippines and South America.

But some bananas are more ethical than others. All Good has been importing Fair Trade certified bananas from a collective of small growers in Ecuador for a couple of years now, and has grown to have 4% share of New Zealand’s banana market. I get All Good bananas in my Ooooby box every couple of weeks, and they’re always good.

The other day in Grey Lynn, I spotted a new All Good product: dried Samoan bananas. A video on their website tells the story of how All Good is helping to rebuild a Samoa-NZ banana trade route that died out when New Zealand’s banana appetites got too large and we started buying from bigger places that could offer cheaper prices. It’s a nice story, and they’re a great snack. Misiluki bananas are naturally sweeter than other kinds, so there’s no need to add sugar or other sweeteners as they’re dried – a bag of organic banana chunks contains only bananas.

I saw these at both Harvest Wholefoods and The Little Grocer in Grey Lynn. Other Auckland stockists are listed on the All Good website.

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