Korean dumplings from Bok Mart

vegetable dumpling

We live next door to Bok Mart, a Korean grocery. We’ve mostly visited in search of particular items, and have found that while its selection is large, somehow it rarely includes exactly the thing we’re looking for. But yesterday, Erin went looking for frozen dumplings and found these vegetable ones from Wang.


korean dumplings

These are a quick, tasty and simple snack to have in your freezer: it takes five minutes to steam them, or you can fry them or add them to soup. A bag of 50 dumplings, several snacks-worth, can be had for less than $5.

4 thoughts on “Korean dumplings from Bok Mart

  1. Hehe I used to see these kinds in Austria, UK, Germany, and such. It’s nice to see some Korean or Asian groceries that offer vegan dumplings as long as they do not contain MSG (they give me a headache a lot). But hey, I look forward to checking out Wellington pretty soon, thanks for your post….

    1. These don’t contain MSG. I, Erin, checked the labels before buying because the thought of MSG gives me the willies

  2. Oh my goodness, I love dumplings, such a great quick & easy meal!
    But I had a horror story with a similar product. I bought a few different bags from a store and all had English translations of the ingredients on the bag except one which the assistant assured me it had no animal product as well. Long story short, halfway through the bag, I found out that even though it was labelled’ Vegetables & mushroom’, it had shrimp in it. All the others were fine. Just goes to show you can never be too careful.

    1. These are clearly ready for a USA market and have USA nutritional facts. The US is a lot more stringent on the English translation of ingrids, so know that these are safe for vegan consumption

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