Gluten free cookies

jam drops

I’m often guilty of judging baking by its gluten content – assuming that if a cake or cookie is gluten free, it will be dry and funny-tasting. It’s not that I haven’t eaten delicious gluten-free treats, but by no means has every gluten-free baked thing I’ve eaten been palatable.

So I bought these cookies from the Gluten free Grocer this afternoon, wanting something sweet to have with my coffee and not expecting brilliance – and I was pleasantly surprised. These jam drops aren’t just good as gluten-free cookies, they hold up as delicious cookies by any measure.

The Gluten free Grocer is the source of many good things that are vegan as well as gluten free: Kohu Road sorbet, Tío Pablo Mexican Hot Chocolate, Angel Food products and various other snacks and ingredients.

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