Five minute bread

the prettiest loaf yet

So here’s the secret to easy bread making: mix up a big batch of dough and let it rise and ferment slowly. Pull a lump out of the fridge when you want to make a loaf, let it rise a bit more and bake it. No need to knead, nothing complicated.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is a series of books based on this method, with endless variations of flavour and style. Erin’s been baking a lot of bread this way lately, and it’s all been delicious. She recommends this post that explains the basic recipe, with photos of the different steps. This European Peasant Bread is particularly good.


Bake a difference

This post is part of my virtual vegan bake sale for Blind Week. Please give generously to make the world a better place for blind and partially sighted New Zealanders.

6 thoughts on “Five minute bread

  1. This book changed my life (seriously…I think it single handedly turned me into the foodie I am today)! I spotted a NZ/Aus version at my local bookshop – it’s a lot less artisan and much more like… “FIVE MINUTES!” hehe…what does that say about us?!

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