A vegan film premiere

I saw the trailer for Tegan the Vegan a little while ago. A short claymation telling the story of a schoolgirl vegan and her rival Elenore the Carnivore, it was released in January 2011 and has been playing the Australian film festival circuit. Wikipedia says the story is partly based on an autobiographical story of the director, 29 year old Marisa Martin, who became a vegetarian when she was 12 after visiting an abattoir.

Today, Erin picked up a programme for the Show Me Shorts festival, and noticed that Tegan the Vegan is headlining a food-related selection called Master Chef! The festival is playing at four locations in Auckland, and Tegan the Vegan will be playing at each of them this week and/or next: the Capitol in Balmoral, The Bridgeway in Northcote, The Internationalist Bistro & Wine Bar in Rothesay Bay, and the Waiheke Island Community Cinema. Check out the Show Me Shorts website for full details of session times.


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