Another MoFo month

So that’s Vegan MoFo for another year! Like last year, I aimed to write as much as I could about vegan food and post at least every day. This year, I wrote 42 posts! They were about:

More statistics if you’re interested: I passed 200 posts on the blog this month (this will be post #213), and welcomed my 500th follower on Twitter! I had way more visitors in October than in any previous month of publishing – more than three times as many as last MoFo. The day I posted about orange cake from Cosset was this blog’s busiest day ever. The most visited post this month was about Cosset too – specifically its brunch options.

This month: I’ll be posting a bit less, as I don’t have as much to catch up on (things I want to tell you about: the Heritage Auckland; maybe more of my travels – Melbourne, NYC, LA and San Francisco; dinner at Ras Vatika the other night; a few more products I’ve found around the place). I’m looking forward to the NZ Food Bloggers’ Conference next weekend, and to my favourite Scorpio’s birthday. As always, feel free to suggest things I should write about, or ask questions if there’s anything you’re looking for. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Another MoFo month

  1. Wow! you wrote about a lot of things this month. That’s 42 things that auckland might not have known about otherwise. You’re the greatest!

  2. awesome work on the mofo 🙂 just a quick query – what size keep cup do you have? I’m just about to buy one (finally) and not sure of scale?

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