Brunch in the city at Federal and Wolfe

federal & wolfe

Another brunch recommendation for you: Federal & Wolfe in the city (at the intersection of the streets it’s named for). It’s another Kokako business, and accordingly serves excellent coffee and food that tends towards local and organic. The café started out as a popup space, and for a long time was only open during the week for the work breakfast crowd, but it now opens 8-3.30 on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

A couple of things that Federal & Wolfe has fed me:

lentils for breakfast

Tomato-braised green lentils with wholegrain toast, and a side of tender, slightly crispy paprika-roasted potatoes. The breakfast menu has changed since I ate this, and I think the lentils are now served by default with some kind of meat, but are still vegan by themselves.


plum risotto

Plum risotto, cooked in coconut milk with toasted almonds on top. This is a nice small breakfast: not too sweet, a little sour. It’s gluten free, as well as vegan.

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