Chocolate cake at the Art Gallery

twelve hours of daylight

When the Art Gallery re-opened last year after three years of construction and renovation, I was excited and proud to see how it had grown up, into a proper international art museum full of light & space & modern design.


art cake

Along with the rest of the building, the gallery’s café was completely revamped. Its new brunch and lunch menu (PDF) doesn’t include a lot for vegans (maybe some of those sides would be safe; certainly there’s a wide range of drinks), but among the regular offerings in its cabinet is a vegan chocolate cake!

Each serving is an individually baked parallelogram, drizzled lightly with chocolate sauce and topped with red currants & cranberries. It’s a well executed chocolate cake: moist, not too sweet and with surprising little bursts of sour flavour when you bite into each berry.

The café’s menu is sometimes updated to match the gallery’s exhibitions; when I visited today, there were a few Pacific-themed items on offer (PDF menu) to complement the current Home AKL exhibition of contemporary Pacific art. Though I didn’t try it this time, I suspect the dairy-free “coconut rice pudding with rum soaked sultanas & golden syrup” would be vegan, too.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate cake at the Art Gallery

  1. this cake is good, such a bummer that there’s nothing savoury for vegans on their menu though (well fries and sides sure, but already put together meals).

  2. The cake sounds good. I’m planning a trip to the new art gallery when I’m up in Auckland in a couple of weeks so I’ll have to make a trip to the cafe as well. Would be good if they had some savoury options though because one can’t really just live on cake!

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