Little Bird’s Unbakery

raw pad thai

You guys! I’ve raved about Little Bird before: their raw vegan macaroons are some of the best un-cookies I’ve ever eaten, and their cultured nut cheeses are a special treat. I haven’t sampled a Little Bird product that I haven’t loved.

So, their newest exciting news is that they’ve opened a café! Well, ‘café’ is not quite the right word for their Unbakery, where the only coffee served is the herbal non-caffeinated kind, but that kind of thing: an eatery, an informal restaurant. It’s open for weekday breakfasts and lunches, and almost everything served at the Unbakery is vegan – they use honey in some recipes.

It opened for business today, and I went for lunch. I ordered Raw Pad Thai, and was served a big plate of coconut ‘noodles’, spiced kaffir lime cashews and fresh coriander mixed with salad vegetables. It was fresh, interesting and more filling than I’d expected it to be.


beetroot ravioli

I also tried a few bites of Erin’s lunch: beetroot ravioli. Thin slices of beetroot stood in for pasta, folded over a raw nut-based cheese filling. These were served with a microgreen, avocado and pinenut salad.


a slice of tart

Lunch dessert was a shared slice of chocolate and hazelnut tart, with coconut yoghurt on the side. Other sweet options included strawberry & raspberry coconut mallo puffs, mango or passionfruit cheesecake, caramel slice & shrewsbury-style fig biscuits.


treats and succulents

As well as serving meals and snacks, the Unbakery serves as a factory shop for Little Bird’s products. One wall is lined with bags of macaroons, grawnola and crackers, and a few other surprises that I haven’t seen in other places (salt & pepper kale chips, fig clusters, biscotti!) A couple of shelves include locally-made raw ingredients from other producers, including dried karengo and coconut sugar. The cold cabinet includes Little Bird’s nut-based cheeses.


desserts cabinet

Little Bird’s plan is to keep the menu small and change it often – today there were three lunch options, a couple of breakfasts and a cabinet full of sweet things. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for menu updates.

The Unbakery is open Monday to Friday from 8am – 2.30pm currently, and will be opening on Saturdays soon. It’s at 385 New North Road in Kingsland: towards Eden Terrace from Bond Street Bridge, on the same side of the road.

6 thoughts on “Little Bird’s Unbakery

  1. Looks amazing!! I’m glad you found it filling, I love the concept of eating more raw food but always think id starve the death. Maybe I’ll try eating more in summer.

  2. We popped in yesterday – delicious! Thanks for the vegan tips… They’ve been very helpful during our stay in Auckland.

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