Here we go again!

Vegan Month of Food 2012

It’s October, and that means it’s Vegan MoFo! This will be the third year I participate, meaning you can expect a constant stream of food writing all month. Last year I wrote 42 posts – this year I’m going to tentatively aim for 50, between now and October 31. That time includes a trip to Australia with uncertain internet access, so there may be a few days off here and there.

For today: here is a big list of things I’ve been meaning to write about recently. I’m way behind; watch as I cross things off during the month. If you want to recommend something I should check out, please comment!

  • The not-so-new anymore Kokako café in Grey Lynn.
  • Village Wines in My Eden – local wine shop with vegan options.
  • Heritage Auckland: high tea, breakfast, dinner, tapas, room service.
  • Travel posts for Tokyo, and maybe Melbourne, Christchurch and the US.
  • Loving Hut in Wellesley Street.
  • Revel’s bean on toast being back on the menu.
  • Giapo Flavours I Have Eaten.
  • A guide to Auckland’s organic grocery shops.
  • Bulk Savings in Dominion Road.
  • Top Grade Tofu’s fresh yuba.
  • Jalapeño’s Mexican Grill.
  • The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop in Queen Street.
  • The Auckland Vegans group on Facebook & a few other new local websites.
  • JapanMart in Newmarket.
  • Blissful Vegetarian in Mt Albert.
  • Food Blogger’s Association – & The Packing Shed where last year’s conference was held.
  • Basilicum in Elliot Stables incl fried yuba drumsticks.
  • The new California Burrito stores and the new vegan variety they make (to check out).
  • Shore Road Café in Remuera apparently has a vegan breakfast option (to check out).
  • Wise Cicada’s breakfast options (to check out).
  • New Il Buco pizza flavours with vegan cheese on them (to check out, they’re always sold out when I visit!)
  • Grey Lynn Tarts cakes.
  • Curry on Wheels vegan menu (to check out).
  • Breakfast at Little Bird Unbakery. (also: raw sushi)
  • Mushrooms on toast at Cereal Killa.
  • Corn chips at Mexico.
  • Gather & Hunt Tasting Club at Kokako.
  • Miss Melicious cupcakes (to check out).
  • Ragu in Pt Chev’s vegan dishes of the week (to check out).
  • Dolce Cakes at markets (to check out).
  • The Cupcake Tree in Atrium on Elliot (to check out).
  • Vegan menu (esp sorbets) at Soul Bar & Bistro.
  • Soul Thai new branch in Mt Eden.
  • New Vinyl menu
  • Small plates at Depot.
  • Tofu Karaege at Revel.
  • Ras Vatika in Dominion Road.
  • Mexican Specialities in Ellerslie.

& I’m sure I’ll remember other things during the month! But please do comment if there’s anything you think I should check out.

(Edited to add:

9 thoughts on “Here we go again!

  1. If you’re going to eat at Heritage this month, I’d be keen to come with – I’ve been meaning to try them out.

    Yuzu Cafe on Ponsonby Rd do an amazing agedashi tofu, just don’t get the bonito flakes. I seem to remember there were a few other vegan things on the menu as well.

  2. Can’t wait for these posts. Have missed your updates! You should try the vegan whoopie pies and pie pops from Whoopie Pies in Grey Lynn! 🙂

  3. Great blogs as always Moira, I stoked about the new Ethiopian place on stoddard, at last we get some Injeera in new zealand, can’t wait to go there.

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