Breakfast at Little Bird

strawberry nut milk

I raved about the Little Bird Unbakery recently, and the delicious lunch I ate there. The Unbakery is also open for breakfast from Monday to Saturday, so Erin and I visited a couple of weekends ago to try it out.

We started with two tall glasses of strawberry nut milk, which were more like milkshakes: thick, creamy and full of little chunks of dehydrated strawberry. Some other time, I’d be keen to try their chocolate or banana flavours.


before: bircher muesli in components


after: bircher muesli mixed

Breakfast itself was Chia Bircher muesli: a mixture of soaked oats, chia, apple, lemon, cinnamon and young coconut topped with dry ‘grawnola’ cereal, berries and coconut yoghurt. These components mixed together to make a mushy, nutty bowl of goodness. I’m not very familiar with the non-raw version of bircher muesli to make comparisons, but this was a nice breakfast.


raw ginger crunch     orange hazelnut biscotti

We also had a couple of takeaway treats from the dessert cabinet: raw ginger crunch and a bag of orange & hazelnut biscotti. The slice was delicious in its own way, but not gingery or crunchy enough to really approximate the ginger crunch I’m familiar with. The biscotti was lovely – I’ll be looking for it again when I visit next.


Vegan Month of Food 2012

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