Mushrooms on toast at Cereal Killa

mushrooms on toast

I wrote about brunch at Cereal Killa recently – their coconut porridge is pretty special. After writing that post, I went back and tried their other vegan thing: creamy mushrooms without the cream, with a side of avocado. The menu version isn’t vegan, but the staff both times I’ve visited have been friendly about making vegan accommodations when I’ve asked them.

This was a good breakfast – the mushrooms were herby and fresh, and topped with a leafy mixture of cress and fennel. I’d definitely have this again (though if I was very hungry, I’d walk up the street for a breakfast burrito at Vinyl instead – the plate was generously portioned, but not huge).


Vegan Month of Food 2012

5 thoughts on “Mushrooms on toast at Cereal Killa

  1. I don’t know where to put this comment, so here goes.
    This is not quite Auckland but not too far off the beaten track.
    I visited Camellia Tea House north of Hamilton on Gordonton Rd. It is situated in New Zealand’s only tea plantation. It has some vegan options. I had the vegan Zealong Signature High Tea, it was sensational, they take vegans seriously. This has to be ordered the day before you come. The cafe was popular so it would be best to book ahead. By the way the tea was very very good! I did a tour and tea tasting session. All thoroughly enjoyable.—restaurant

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