New brunch option at Vinyl

the breakfast of zeus

Vinyl has a new menu, and here’s something you should try: the Breakfast of Zeus!

The Father of the Gods, it seems, has been rediscovered as a discerning vegan. His morning meal consists of a deity-pleasing plate of sourdough toast, avocado, hummus and a generous helping of tamari tofu, scrambled with roast peppers, spinach, capers and spices.

This might be my perfect brunch: savoury without trying to imitate an animal product, large but not enormous, varied but not complicated, with plenty of tofu and avocado.


curly fries

Overall, Vinyl’s new menu is a bit smaller, but still includes several great vegan items. Breakfast burritos are still a delicious morning option, you can have vegan hotdogs or a tofu burger for lunch, and any meal can be improved with a side of curly fries.


Vegan Month of Food 2012

2 thoughts on “New brunch option at Vinyl

  1. FYI in terms of brunch options I went to Latin Larder today in Takapuna and had an amazingly nice dish and thought I should spread the word. The staff were so friendly and when I mentioned vegan the chef came straight out and was totally on to it. I had eastern eggs without the eggs – curried chickpeas with tomato, onions and spinach with a huge amount of creamy avocado on top. I should have taken a photo 🙂 Delicious and friendly for vegans!

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