Raw sushi from Little Bird

raw sushi

I’m lucky enough to work just up the road from the Little Bird Unbakery, so I visited again for lunch today. The Unbakery’s menu changes regularly (keep an eye on Little Bird’s Facebook page for previews), and one of today’s lunch options was vegetable sushi rolls.

My plate arrived with eight little pieces of sushi, accompanied by soy dipping sauce, nut-based cream cheese and a daikon side salad. The sushi was rolled in a raw nori sheet. The part of sushi rice was played by a mixture of cauliflower and macadamia nuts, and the rest of the roll was filled with a fat portion of avocado and a mixture of other vegetables. This was really delicious, probably my favourite savoury thing I’ve eaten at the Unbakery.


Banana nut milk from Little Bird Unbakery. #VeganMoFo raw lemon slice

I also had a tall glass of banana nut milk (so good! maybe even better than the strawberry milk I had last visit) and for dessert, shared an amazing piece of lemon slice.


Vegan Month of Food 2012

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