Dark chocolate bars from Milse

Strawberry and pistachio chocolate bar

The food-related internet is buzzing about Milse, Britomart’s new dessert destination. Offering sweet degustation experiences with wine pairings, an à la carte menu of designer confections and a cabinet of various treats, it’s unique in Auckland as a fine-dining all-dessert restaurant.

I haven’t visited yet, but Erin dropped in a while ago and found me a present: a bar of dark chocolate topped with freeze-dried strawberry and pistachio. It was lovely: an interesting combination of flavours on a rich, smooth chocolate base. Erin reported that the dark chocolate bars in Milse’s cabinet were all dairy-free and vegan, and all sounded amazing: banana & coconut, cranberry & orange, hazelnut & apricot, macadamia & sea salt, pineapple & chilli…

This selection alone is worth a quick visit if you’re in the neighbourhood, but it seems they can also cater for vegans who want something fancier: in researching for this post I came across this Yelp review from a vegan who visited with friends. Milse’s chefs made her a special dessert which “consisted of a ball made from an outer shell of mango sorbet, filled with berry sorbet. The plate was garnished with caramelised pineapple, dehydrated mandarin, passionfruit reduction and popcorn wafers.” There are photos; it looks as amazing as it sounds.

Milse is open seven days, from 9.30am until late, at The Pavilions, 27 Tyler St, Britomart.

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