Little Bird on Summer Street


I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while; maybe you already knew: Little Bird opened a second Unbakery last year in Ponsonby.

The new Summer Street café is a scaled-up version of the original Kingsland Unbakery, offering more sitting space, menu variety and open time. It shares with its parent venue the propensity to fill up around peak brunch time; my best experiences at Summer Street have been a bit earlier on weekend mornings, or in the early afternoon.


the unbakery, summer street

Some details: the new Unbakery is just off Ponsonby Road, at 1a Summer Street. It’s open seven days a week, from 7am – 4pm, and it’s just re-opened for 2014.

Almost everything Little Bird makes is completely vegan – they use bee products in a few items. As well, everything is gluten free, and free of cane sugar.

Unlike the Kingsland Unbakery which changes its small menu every day, Summer Street has an extensive full menu that evolves seasonally. A desserts cabinet bigger than the one at Kingsland is well stocked with sweet things: cheesecakes, slices, cakes and other treats (donuts! cake pops! coconut ice!)

Things I have eaten at Little Bird Summer Street include:


little bird lunch

My lunch today: a Tropical Green smoothie (pineapple, kale, mint, lemon, fresh young coconut) with the spicy, fresh Mexican Plate – raw corn tacos filled with jalapeño slaw, capsicum salsa, chimichurri, guacamole and dirty rice.


little bird raw bagel

A raw take on the bagel with avocado: Little Bird’s own seeded raw bread spread with avocado, kraut, tahini & alfalfa sprouts.


portobello benedict

Classic brunch: A raw bagel also forms the base of the portobello benedict. Piled on top are spinach, marinated portobello mushrooms, hollandaise sauce and sprouts.


bird bowl of delicious things

The Bird Bowl: a massive, delicious compilation of quinoa, pilaf and salads.


raw pizza

Raw pizza: sprouted pizza base bread with marinated courgette strips, fresh basil pesto, pomodoro sauce, herbed cream cheese, olives, pinenuts and rocket.


raw carrot cake

Carrot cake: layers of nutty, fruity cake layered with a thick nut-cream cheese frosting.


vegan milkshakes

Milkshakes to bring all the girls to the yard: Strawberry nut milk, and a caramel banana milkshake made with almond milk, cashew icecream, dates and vanilla.


cold brew coffee

Coffee!: the Summer Street Unbakery serves Kokako coffee made three different ways: cold brew (pictured, with a side of hazelnut milk), filter or Chemex. There’s also a rather lovely sounding iced coffee milkshake on the menu (coffee, cashew ice cream, vanilla, chocolate sauce, hazelnut milk) that I have yet to try.


If you haven’t visited the new Unbakery yet, I’d highly recommend it. If you have been, what was the best thing you ate?

2 thoughts on “Little Bird on Summer Street

  1. Wow, can’t believe there is a place on Summer St. Kind of wish that I didn’t know about it, because now you can guess where I’ll be headed most days for a treat 🙂 I have been to Little Bird Unbakery in Kingsland, I have had their Cacao Milkshake and Pumpkin Cheesecake. Both were superb!

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