A new Indian vegetarian place: Desi Tadka

desi tadka

A new vegetarian Indian place opened in my neighbourhood last month: Desi Tadka is just up the road from my office in Eden Terrace, so I had back-to-work lunch there today.


mushroom pea masala & lachha parantha

The menu is all vegetarian, and includes any sized meal you might want: breakfast options, snacks, curries, thali deals, desserts and a range of drinks. It’s all super inexpensive, from $6 breakfast paratha plates to the cheapest coffee in the neighbourhood ($1.50 for a long black!)

Vegan options aren’t marked on the menu, but they seemed happy to make almost anything vegan on request. I had a Mushroom Peas Masala (cooked with coconut instead of dairy), with a wholemeal Lachha Parantha. The food was simple, generously portioned and tasty. (I didn’t manage very good photos of the meal: check out Desi Tadka’s Facebook page for more appealing pictures of their food.)


They also gave me a free rose-flavoured cordial drink to try – I think it was Rooh Afza. It was interesting, but a bit too sweet and flowery for me – seemed like an acquired taste that I haven’t yet picked up.


the essentials

Some details: Desi Tadka is at 253 Symonds Street, in the space formerly occupied by the Seven Up Noodle Cafe.

It’s open most times you might want to eat: weekdays 9am-10pm, Saturday 11am-11pm, and Sunday 11am-10pm.

They also offer free delivery in the Auckland City area for large orders (over $50).

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for deals and daily specials.

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