Spicy tofu dosa at Ela cuisine

ela dosa

Ela cuisine opened in late 2012, in the space where Basilicum used to be in Elliot Stables. I hadn’t paid it much attention other than to notice that it wasn’t Basilicum, but the other day I stopped to read the menu and was pleasantly surprised to see a few things labelled as vegan.


tofu curry

Ela’s food is a modern take on Travancore style, from southern India, full of spices and fresh leaves. There are a good number of vegetarian options on the menu, including a few that can be prepared vegan.

I ordered an Ela Masala Dosa: a conical dosa wrapped around a bowl of surprisingly hot tofu curry.


lime and mint soda

I was glad I’d also ordered a drink: a cooling lime and mint soda.


I enjoyed my meal, and I’m interested to return and try Ela’s other vegan options.


shared space

Where’s The Beef, visiting from Melbourne, also went to Elliot Stables recently, & has a few other vegan suggestions.


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