Dumplings from New Flavour

dumpling picnic

A reader asked:

was just wondering if you’ve been to new flavour at Mt Eden…do you know if their dumplings are vegan?

Dear reader: yes! Dominion Road’s much-beloved Sichuan eatery New Flavour makes an extensive range of dumplings, of which one variety is vegan.

Their menu also includes a good range of other vegan options; Auckland Vegan HQ has detailed tips on what to order and how to eat dumplings correctly.



You can also get food to take away: Erin brought these home the other day (minimum order: 20 dumplings for $11) and we had a picnic in the backyard.


new flavour restaurant

New Flavour is at 541 Dominion Road in Balmoral.
It’s open every day except Tuesday, from 5pm to 3am.

4 thoughts on “Dumplings from New Flavour

  1. I have stopped going to New Flavour / Barilla, after one night, I kept re-asking about them being Vegan, there is a language barrier obviously.. I finally managed to get actual info out of them, and not just yes, yes.. and all the vege dumplings have egg in them! Not enough to see, but they do..

    1. Hmmm – do you mean New Flavour, or Barilla? I know vegans have been eating New Flavour’s dumplings for years, and I have asked them about ingredients before. Barilla definitely doesn’t do vegan dumplings, though…

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