Brown rice mochi waffles at Conch Records

soy flat white

A reader asked if there was a café in Auckland where she could order vegan french toast or waffles for her birthday. I was drawing a blank – the only vegan waffles I’ve found in Auckland come from our own waffle iron, with the instruction of Isa Chandra Moskowitz – so I asked this blog’s followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Amanda suggested Conch Records in Ponsonby Road – they have an organic mochi waffle on their current breakfast menu. It sounded too good not to try, so I visited this morning.


brown rice mochi waffles

These waffles are a bit different to the Vegan Brunch classics we make at home: they’re made with mochi flour – pounded organic brown rice – rather than wheat, so that as well as being vegan, they’re gluten free. They’re less dense and doughy, slightly more crisp compared with flour waffles.

My waffles were served with bittersweet chocolate aduki bean paste, drizzled with orange syrup and black currant conserve, and sprinkled with rough-chopped almonds and brown sugar. This combination of flavours and textures was lovely, pleasantly unusual, and not overwhelmingly sweet.


a flower, the newspaper, erin fae

Conch Kitchen & Bar is at 115A Ponsonby Road, in the same shopfront as the Conch record shop. It’s open from Wednesday to Sunday, and breakfast waffles are available from 9am to 12.

There’s also a tasty-sounding vegan dish on their lunch & dinner menu (available 12pm-11pmish): red quinoa tabbouleh with hummus and skordalia.

2 thoughts on “Brown rice mochi waffles at Conch Records

  1. They look delicious! I’ll have to try them when I’m up in Auckland on the 22nd of February, hopefully they’re still on the menu 😉

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