Bacon and blue cheese: new slices from Il Buco

pizza and coffee

I think it’s probably accurate to say that Il Buco makes the best vegan pizza in Auckland. I wrote a while ago that they had started using vegan cheese and fake meat on some of their offerings, and it seems lately they have been experimenting with new vegan slices.

Here are three I’ve enjoyed recently:


tempeh bacon pizza

Two different slices that used salty tempeh bacon and vegan mozzarella – one had a spinach, tomato and onion base, and the other included mushrooms and roasted capsicum.


vittoria pizza

& Vittoria: with tomato, caramelised onion, roast pumpkin, spinach and vegan blue cheese. This was really interesting – between the onion and pumpkin it was a bit sweet, and this combined pleasantly with the stinkiness of the blue cheese.


The three classic vegan slices – patate, funghi and ortolana – are still regularly available, and are still some of my favourites, but it’s been fun and delicious to see what else Il Buco‘s kitchen might invent.

2 thoughts on “Bacon and blue cheese: new slices from Il Buco

  1. Hi, I don’t live in Auckland anymore, but I always love reading here about new vegan options and shops that are popping up. So, thanks!

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