Vegan treats at Terrarium in Kingsland

polka chocolate

If you’re in Kingsland and wondering where to buy a vegan dessert, one answer is Terrarium.

The “studio + showroom + store for local creatives” opened last November at 467 New North Road, and it stocks Nice Blocks & Nice Cream, Polka Chocolate, and Kokako cold brew coffee, for a chilled affogato.

Terrarium is open Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm, Monday and Tuesday by appointment, and “Wednesday is a mystery.”

3 thoughts on “Vegan treats at Terrarium in Kingsland

  1. OMG, this blog is amazing! I would never have imagined such a tremendously useful resource may exist. I’m a vegan living in sandringham and will certainly be telling my vegan friends about it. Thanks for all the work Moira!

  2. Many thanks Moira for this great blog. I saw this information about Terrarium and was quite interested in seeing the shop. I visited it a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed it. I note that Little Bird is quite close by – I bought a slice of cheesecake at Little Bird first, which was lovely. There is also a community garden in the vicinity which I visited, so it was a lovely day filled with interesting and pleasant experiences. Thank you for the information.

  3. Just following on from my earlier comment … noting also that Little Bird is a wonderful vegan cafe, and it was vegan cheesecake that I bought there … and delicious!

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