Beetroot dessert at Milse

beetroot dessert

I’ve written before about Britomart’s dessert restaurant, Milse. Its all-sweets-all-the-time selection includes a range of vegan-friendly dark chocolate bars as well as adaptations of their beautiful à la carte dishes.

I visited again recently, and the menu had changed for the season – new autumnal flavours included fresh fig, pumpkin and walnut. I was offered a version of the beetroot dish.

I don’t have the sweetest of teeth, so what arrived was perfect for me: earthy, salty and complex with just a few suggestions of sugar. The base of the dessert was all vegetable: poached beetroot, with a crisp beetroot wafer and candied dried beetroot chips. Placed on top were a scoop of dark chocolate sorbet, a few salted walnuts, little coconut mochi balls, a generous sprinkle of coconut dust and a dusting of freeze-dried beetroot powder.

It was lovely, and I’m excited to see what Milse produces next time I find myself downtown and in need of a fancy dessert. Again: I’m glad this place exists.


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