Rare cocoa and sailing ships: Wellington Chocolate Factory


Thoughtful, carefully-crafted dark chocolate is one of my favourite things. I wrote a while ago about Polka’s locally-made chocolate; another New Zealand bean-to-bar manufacturer is Wellington Chocolate Factory.

The company makes chocolate from whole beans to wrapped bars, concentrating on rare varieties of cocoa beans and simple, quality ingredients. This video from The Wireless shares a bit more about their process and philosophy:



Locally, I’ve found Wellington Chocolate Factory bars at Collected, a gift shop inside Bloc at 20 Normanby Road, Mt Eden. I’ve tried two of their bars, and both were pretty special: the light and creamy coconut milk chocolate, and the dark hazelnut bar, made with toasted Canterbury-grown hazelnuts. The company’s other bars include single-origin plain dark chocolate, and some flavours that aren’t vegan.


And: you can support production of Wellington Chocolate Factory’s next single-origin chocolate bar! They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to finance a project in Bougainville. With enough support, the Wellington team will work with a farming community to upgrade their plantation equipment, buy a tonne of the rare cocoa beans they grow, and sail back to New Zealand to craft the beans into chocolate bars.



You can read more about the Bougainville project, and support it in exchange for chocolate bars, factory tours or chocolate-making lessons, on Kickstarter.

5 thoughts on “Rare cocoa and sailing ships: Wellington Chocolate Factory

  1. Fantastic post!! Thank you so much for this. My fave flavours are Madagascar and the Two Tree Bar (coconut and cocoa) …But – the much anticipated Bougainville is a flavour sensation – I lived in Bougainville for 16 months and it took be right back there; warm subtle warm smokiness and then a burst of tropical fruit!

    As you know our Kickstarter is rolling along, any promotion is most appreciated!! and you can follow the journey on the blog: Wellington Chocolate Voyage 🙂

    Cheers – Sera

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