Tacos at Conch Kitchen

conch taco

A while ago I wrote about the mochi waffles at Conch Kitchen in Ponsonby. When I went back recently, the waffles weren’t on the new breakfast menu, but I found another vegan thing: tacos!

Conch’s vegan tacos are soft, freshly-made corn and sesame seed tortillas filled with black beans, guacamole, chipotle, green onion & cilantro.

Ponsonby is a neighbourhood that’s blessed with a delicious range of vegan taco options (weekend appearances from everyone’s favourite food truck, the Lucky Taco; amazing raw tacos from Little Bird; the ever-changing taco selection at Mexico where there’s almost always one that can be prepared vegan).

Among these, Conch’s offerings are perfect for a sit-down meal with a couple of friends, paired with a craft beer or organic cocktail. They’re less spicy than Lucky’s tacos, more substantial and complex than Mexico’s usual options, and served in a quieter environment than the ever-popular Little Bird.


Conch Kitchen & Bar is at 115A Ponsonby Road, in the same shopfront as the Conch record shop. It’s open from Wednesday to Sunday, 9am-11pm.

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