Reader question: delicious burgers?

falafel burger

Zoe asked, “where can I go in Auckland for a delicious vegan burger?”

Here are four places I know about:

1. Vinyl on Dominion Rd has delicious falafel and tofu burgers on their lunch menu (pictured above: falafel burger). Best enjoyed with a side of curly fries.

2. Handmade in Kingsland makes two vegan burgers, based around either tempeh or falafel. Their burgers are generously sized, filled with fresh, simple ingredients, in a homemade style.

3. Burgerfuel‘s Combustion Tofu and V-Dub Vege burgers can be prepared vegan. Recently re-introduced to the menu, the Combustion Tofu is now a mini version of its older self. Its contents include organic tofu, teriyaki and peanut sauces, avocado and salad. The V-Dub is a bigger burger, with a pattie made from pumpkin, carrot, chickpea and ginger. If you’re hungry enough, you can also order Burgerfuel’s fries or a side of Motobites.

4. I haven’t had the tofu burger at Raw Power in a few years, but friends have raved about it. It’s a burger in the ’90s Auckland café tradition: a giant stack of things served between two pieces of foccaccia – more of a knife-and-fork affair rather than something you would pick up to eat.

Do you know of other delicious vegan burgers in Auckland? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Reader question: delicious burgers?

  1. The mushroom walnut burger at Revel is so so so delicious. Comes with two patties, hummus, beetroot relish and tasty buns. Also Al’s Deli just down from K Road does a vegan falafel burger/bagel thing, which is super dense and filling.

  2. Just had a vegan falafel burger at Al’s Deli on the corner of Queen/City Streets. Top notch. They have good vegan sides too, like broccoli and kale with almond and lemon.

  3. The burgers at Food Truck in City Works Depot can be made vegan. This does unfortunately mean no bun (egg traces), but they’re still pretty good served as a bowl.

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