Sweet Val’s mobile ice cream parlour

sweet val's ice cream

I’d seen a few mentions of Sweet Val’s mobile ice cream parlour online, and finally ran into them in person at Grey Lynn Park Festival last weekend.

Sweet Val’s uses fresh, local, organic ingredients to make their ice cream, and they have a few vegan options on their menu. Their ice cream is frozen-to-order on site, using nitrogen gas and KitchenAid mixers, giving the whole experience a delightful retro-futuristic aesthetic.


chocolate coconut chip

I tried a little tub of chocolate coconut rough. Being snap-frozen, the ice cream has a perfectly smooth texture – more like soft-serve or frozen yoghurt than traditional scooped ice cream or sorbet. The flavour was creamy – more milk-style chocolate than dark, and the addition of whole cacao nibs added crunch and bitterness.


sweet val's menu

Sweet Val’s appears regularly at the Coatesville Market (on the first Sunday of every month except January). You can also find their ice cream at various events around Auckland, or you can hire them to create a pop-up ice cream parlour at your kid’s birthday, work Christmas party, wedding or whatever you have going on.

One thought on “Sweet Val’s mobile ice cream parlour

  1. Thank you for writing about these folks, I tracked them down to Silo Park Market last night and it was soooo yummy! I’m looking forward to having it again 🙂

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