Two Australian desserts from The Cruelty Free Shop

almond cointreau pudding in a jar

The Cruelty Free Shop on K Road stocks all kinds of delicious vegan treats; here are two sweet things I’ve found there recently:


almond cointreau pudding

Almond Cointreau Pudding from Melbourne’s botanical cuisine. This pudding-in-a-jar has a creamy cashew base, with a citrus, lightly boozey twist. As well as being vegan, it’s raw, organic, gluten free, and doesn’t contain sugar.

Other puddings in this range include dark chocolate & rum “Melbourne Nights”, “tiramisu-ish”, mint slice pudding and sticky date; the Cruelty Free Shop stocks these as well as other botanical cuisine products: cashew-based dairy-alternatives (yoghurt, mayonnaise, soft cheese, tartare sauce), pesto, sauces and herb salts.


pana chocolate

Every kind of Pana Chocolate, but especially Sour Cherry & Vanilla.

Pana uses raw, wild crafted and organic ingredients to make soft, fudgey dark chocolate with clever combinations of flavour. I’ve tried a few flavours, and they’ve all been pretty special.

The Cruelty Free Shop stocks a few flavours; I’ve also seen Pana Chocolate locally at Wilder and Hunt in Ponsonby, Wise Cicada in Newmarket and Oh Natural online.

One thought on “Two Australian desserts from The Cruelty Free Shop

  1. I love the Cruelty Free Shop, it just seems to be quite expensive, and not living in Auckland central is a hassle to get to regularly. However, might have to head over again and check out some of the stuff they are selling!
    I found a vegan yoghurt (been trying to find one of these for a long time!) in a local supermarket (Fresh Choice in Half Moon bay), they also sell Angel Cheeses and the Frys and Linda McCartney ranges. It seems to be getting a little easier to find more vegan options. I’m a vegetarian that tries to eat as little dairy / eggs as possible, sooner or later I am going to go for it and your blog helps, I love reading about your discoveries!
    Keep up the good work.

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