Vegan dumplings from Sunflower Thai

vegan dumplings

I wrote about casual High Street restaurant Sunflower years ago, but hadn’t visited in ages. Since I last wrote, the restaurant has changed ownership. Sunflower’s cheap, almost-entirely vegan menu retains the mock-meat focus it’s always had, but is now smaller, and more oriented towards Thai-style dishes rather than the Taiwanese/Chinese-style food that it previously served.

As before, there are a range of options from share-friendly plates of mock-meat on noodles or rice, to single-serve options like dumpling soup, and a healthy selection of appetisers.

I had a plate of pan-fried dumplings, and mock chicken stirfry on rice. The food was good – generous helpings and simple flavours. The dumplings were crispy and tasty – not as delicious as New Flavour‘s, but a nice snack.


sunflower vegan food
Sunflower is located in the back of the arcade at 50 High St. It’s open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday, 11am-3pm and 5pm-9pm.

Worryingly, when I visited a couple of months ago, it had a D food hygiene rating, which sounds pretty gross. Since then, the premises has been inspected again and Sunflower’s rating has been upgraded to an A, so I’m hoping this indicates any issues have been addressed.

2 thoughts on “Vegan dumplings from Sunflower Thai

  1. Hi Moira,

    I visited Sunflower two weeks ago and despite all the signage and wording on the menu, two dishes (I can’t remember which) are not vegan as I spoke to the waitress. Be best to amend your post so people are aware of this.


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